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"In my world, most children are born with some small form of magic. Sometimes, with cultivation and training, these small powers can be developed into journeyman level talents, allowing them to make a living solely as mages. Others are born with a gift so powerful, they become masters of it without any training at all. It is second nature to them, like breathing."

"Most of the people have the gift of natural magic. They can meld wood without nails, simply by laying hands on, or cause things to grow. Small things. Others do flesh magic. They can heal small wounds, or ease aching muscles. Less common are the people who can work stone and earth. And I am one of the very few who can call water."

"Among my people, only one child in a thousand has the gift of water, and they belong to the clan regardless of their family or station. Only one in a lifetime is born an adept, and she belongs to no man, regardless of what the law might say."

Khephera is an original character, property of the author, and she exists here for the purposes of roleplay.
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